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Hey, I'm Alexis! 

From as early as I can remember, music and dance have been a part of my heritage.

I am a Latina woman, born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I have Spanish, Argentine, and Cuban blood on both sides of my family. Emotion, opinions, passionate discussions, and loud voices, with everyone speaking at once, were a normal part of my childhood. NOTHING was private—we were all an open book. That may seem intrusive and perhaps chaotic to some, but to me, it felt like love. 





  • Broadway Jazz & Repertoire (Fosse, Wicked, Sweet Charity, Chicago, Fame)
  • Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary
  • Improv
  • Movement for actors
  • College Audition Prep and Choreography
  • Mock audition


  • Vocal performance
  • Musical Theatre History
  • Choosing a song
  • Technique to preserve your voice
  • Mindset tools for performance and audition anxiety







  • On Camera
  • Scene Study
  • Improv
  • Monologue for college prep
  • Writing for yourself
  • Tools for Memorizing

“The joy is in the work!”
Ann Reinking, Broadway Icon and mentor

My Work

Here are a few snippets from my work...


There is no doubt that a performer’s attitude is just as important as skill.

Living in the moment and building confidence, while learning techniques to relax under pressure are essential to any human being and artist. When working with me you will:

  • Learn how to view an audition as a performance experience
  • Build self confidence and self worth
  • Find calmness under pressure
  • Redefine failure
  • Understand the BIZ side of "the business"
  • Set attainable goals and "dream" goals
  • Learn how to push rather than critique yourself
  • Learn to enjoy the process of rehearsal leading to a performance or audition
  • Learn to support your fellow artists rather than compare

What They're Saying

Alexis Carra, Wow! the most incredible theatrical teacher I have seen in my 50+ years in Musical theatre. To be in her presence is to experience what it takes to make it big. She moves you internally with her dance and ability to portray a role that makes it magical to experience. She teaches you the gift of giving all of yourself to make a reality out of your performance’ Anyone who gets to be trained by her has the best chance of making their dreams come true. Maggie Danielsen, Dance Educators of America
Alexis Carra was my drama student for 5 years, and now, has been personal and professional friend for 25 years.She is a good as it gets when it comes to what a triple threat a teacher needs: to be passionate about her work, to be inspiring, and to be understanding. She has an extraordinary light she gives as a gift to all who celebrate their art with her. Kathi Grau, M.F.A Directing
Alexis shares her extensive knowledge and experience with young dancers in a relatable, fun and compassionate way. Her amazing ability to connect with all ages and levels is unparalleled. She is a true gift to the world dance education Jason Coosner, M.F.A.
Though the creators have written in a half-clever device in which the narration swiftly flashes back through each character’s birth and awkward childhood, only Lee, Santino and Carra deliver performances necessary for viewers to give a fig about what might happen next. Washington Post, review for "Mixology"

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